What is MenAfter?

If you think this is yet another dull blog that will bore you in seconds, think again.


We created "Men After" with the aim to make the world understand that men's grooming matters so much in today's world. There, we said it.

Gone are the days when men's grooming is synonymous for being very unmanly. Who cares about how you look or act says the boys, do they really think that way? Today, men's looks has become a trend and the key establish a good first impression.

But every day, men struggle to find the "right way" to look good in this forever changing world – whether this is your first date or attending for a very important meeting – and men struggle to keep up. Even when we want to learn more about it, most of us would give up within minutes. Why? There are countless websites we have to read through to find out what we should do in different scenarios,  making it difficult (and dull) to find what you want. 


But we’re about to change things.


We’re here to cut through the noise by creating short-and-sweet articles with all the information you need, written to facilitate the reader’s thoughts and stimulate new ideas to become a better man. This site can offer your regular dose of "What the modern man needs to know to look his best" information, and who knows – you may be part of a community of famous individuals set to become the next a famous star in this world.


Let's remember the boys code here, Men After (you know what...). So please come join us here today!

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