3 key reasons why men should wear makeup in 2020

It is completely fine for men to put on makeup. Don't allow the society to tell us how men and women should behaviour. You should be the one making decision as to what to do, what to wear, how to wear it.

Putting on makeup back in the days has been allowed and promoted for men. Going back to the Roman Empire, men wore makeup. But, as time goes on, we somehow adopted the belief that it is unmanly to wear makeup. Let's all standup against these type of labelling and discriminations from the society in 2020.

"As a guy, why are you putting on makeup? Are you gay?"

1. Protection

Not only for women, protecting your skin is important for men as well. With today's cosmetics that contain sunscreen, anti-wrinkle properties, and blemish protection, men who do not wear makeup can find themselves with burning, aging, and dry skin. Finding the right makeup can help men address the aforementioned issues.

2. Creating a professional and polished look

We all know that within an office setting, looking professional gives you a sense of self-confidence. Business meetings, interviews, and visiting with clients are an important part of the business world. If you look sharp, you will be received as sharp.

3. Masculinity

The old-school mindset would pre-define what is and what is not masculine had to be changed. Here are a few points that were considered unmasculine include:

  • Wearing pink and other pastel colours

  • Wearing earrings, nose rings, necklaces, or any sorts of jewelries

  • Getting a facial, manicure, or pedicure

  • Dying hair

Isn't it beyond ridiculous with these mentioned points? None of them have anything to do with one’s anatomy.

Breaking the taboo of cosmetics for men is a natural progression. Let's be open and accept different culture within our society. Men should be able to execute their basic human right without being judged in public in any manner they choose.

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