4 Common Shave Mistakes in 2019

Shaving is a pretty standard activity for most guys. It’s perhaps the most common form of men’s grooming in the world. Do you have to show up clean shaven for work each day? You might already have a daily shaving routine.

Maybe you’ve embraced a scruffier look. Or you’ve gone full beard and can hardly remember the days when you used to shave. Regardless, shaving is a daily reality of life for most men. And the sad part is - even though you’re doing it all the time - you’re probably doing it wrong. Because most guys don’t take care of their skin when they shave.

Are you committing these major shaving mistakes? If so, it’s time to make some changes to your approach.

Mistake #1 - Foaming Shave Cream

When it comes to shaving, foam is not your friend. That frothy mess is nothing more than tiny air bubbles that allow your steel blade to directly scrape against your skin. So much for the “protective barrier” most shaving creams boast about. Want to reduce razor burn, razor bumps, and shave irritation? Make the change to a non-lathering, natural shave cream.

Mistake #2 - Aftershave with Alcohol or Menthol

Alcohol and menthol are two of the world’s most well known skin irritants. Splash your alcohol-laden aftershave on and you’re asking for problems. Alcohol dries out and tightens your skin.

This is the opposite of what you want to do after you shave. Your skin needs to be hydrated to prevent irritation.

Sure, alcohol is antiseptic. But there are plenty of natural antiseptic ingredients that are much better for your skin than alcohol.

Be smart and change to an alcohol-free aftershave - one with natural ingredients that soothe your skin. The result will be smoother, better hydrated skin with far less shave irritation.

Mistake #3 - Skip Exfoliate

If you’re not using face scrub, you’re not getting the best shave possible. It’s just that simple. Your skin’s outermost layer is mostly dead skin cells. There’s also the day’s oil and grime sitting on there. And bacteria can collect on your skin too. On top of it, coarse hair causes the blade to tug against the skin. To remove all that junk and soften hair, you should use face wash and face scrub before shaving.

Mistake #4 - Not Moisturise Daily

Well-hydrated skin is always easier to shave. When you start with a smooth, clean surface, your experience will be better. If you never use face moisturiser, you’re not doing yourself any favours in the shaving department.

In case it is not obvious, stop using a dull razor! Don’t be cheap about your razors. If you’re using a disposable cartridge razor, make sure you change it frequently. That means every 4-5 shaves - at the most. For even better results, switch to a safety razor. You’ll quickly get accustomed to it and enjoy the close, smooth shave you get.

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