4 Essential Men's Grooming Tips for 2020

Body grooming is not trendy or recent. It’s important for every man. It’s about perfecting your appearance and presenting your best self to the world. Manscaping has become a buzzword. But that doesn’t change the fact that you need a solid approach to body grooming. Because today, grooming means taking care of your entire body hair situation. But don’t be too hasty.

You don’t want to slash and burn every strand of hair off your skin either.

Think of body grooming like you do a haircut. How often do you go? About once a month? That’s a good general rule of thumb for how often you need to attend to your body hair. Want to look your best without any unnecessary embarrassment? Follow these four tips.

1. Maintain Balance

Do you like to rock some five o’clock shadow? Or are you always clean shaven? The way you handle your facial hair should be balanced with your body hair.

For example, imagine you’ve got a medium length beard. Shaving your chest will look weird. You can’t have major facial hair and minimal body hair and expect to have a balanced look.

When it comes to your chest, arms, and legs - keep things balanced. Some light trimming to is all you need to control long, unruly hairs. But for most guys, no trimming is fine. Do what feels right for you.

2. Back Hair Is Always Bad

The all-natural or slightly trimmed look works great for most of your body hair. But not on your back. If your significant other tells you they doesn’t mind it, they're lying.

Back hair is a deal breaker.

Barring any extreme contortionist skills, you will need help to remove it. One of the best options: Wax it away. Yes, back hair is worth a visit to the spa.

Let an expert handle your back hair. It will hurt a bit, it’s true. But it’s far from torture or anything you’ve seen in the movies. Uncomfortable, perhaps. But nightmare inducing? Hardly.

In fact, you will be thrilled and will want to make your next appointment once you see the results. A little pain is totally worth a clean, non-werewolf back.

3. Easy Does It

Some guys get a little carried away with body grooming. Especially when they first start out. What you originally planned as a slight trim of your pubic area becomes an all out shave-a-thon. And then you’re stuck wondering what you’ve done to yourself.

Remember, easy does it. If you’ve never tackled body grooming before, start slow. Think of manscaping as a light pruning, not salting the earth.

4. Take Care of Your Skin

Your face has sensitive skin. That’s why you keep it clean and hydrated. But your face isn’t your only sensitive area.

Trimming and shaving your pubic area, thighs, armpits, and other sensitive areas gets tricky. And it can lead to irritation, bumps, ingrown hairs, and redness. All bad news, especially in those sensitive spots.

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