Anti-hair loss: your hair is also changing seasons!

It is getting colder and colder, the facial skin has already felt the autumn breeze, but have you ever reacted to the scalp layer due to seasonal changes and itching and dandruff reactions, and the hair loss changes during different seasons?

Special hair loss in different seasons?

Hair has its natural growth cycle. A hair is like a human's life. It goes through three stages of growth, aging, and rest from birth. Hair that enters the rest period will naturally lose hair. This is the hair growth cycle. In general, the growth cycle lasts about 2 to 7 years, and the length of the cycle varies from person to person. Under normal growth cycles, the amount of hair that naturally falls off every day is about 50 to 100.

Autumn and winter are the periods when the temperature starts to fall, and they are also the seasons when hair loss is most likely to occur. If compared with the season when the amount of hair loss is the most stable, in the fall, hair loss has only doubled, and it is more than three or four times. Therefore, even those who have less hair loss will find that the amount of hair loss on the ground increases after the autumn season.

Hair loss in the autumn?

Reason #1

The scalp environment deteriorates due to UV damage, which affects the efficiency of delivering nutrients to the hair. UV damage gradually accumulates during the three-month period in the summer, forming one of the reasons for the large increase in hair loss after the fall.

Reason #2

Animals will enter the moulting cycle alternately with the season. Human hair has a similar moulting mechanism. It will metabolize the old hair and grow new as the seasons change. This is one of the reasons for the problem of hair loss in autumn.

Is it better to wear hair care in autumn and winter?

No one wants beautiful hair to fall off or even become bald. If you can't avoid the worsening of hair loss in autumn, everyone should take measures to reduce the symptoms of hair loss.

1. Diet balanced live hair to prevent hair loss

Hair growth most requires protein, which can be taken from foods such as beans, meat, eggs, etc. Vitamins that can maintain the scalp, minerals that assist in nutrient absorption, etc. can be taken from a balanced diet. Preventing hair loss through diet can be said to be a long battle.

2. Regular and moderate exercise

Exercise can help to promote blood circulation, and of course, it can also help cell health. Therefore, it can help to promote hair growth. Everyone should pay attention to moving the body regularly. You need to perform too difficult sports or spend money to go to the gym. From walking or brisk walking, etc. Get started!

3. Develop a good life and restoring hair to prevent hair loss

Good sleep quality is closely related to hair health, especially the most important hair growth time after ten o'clock in the evening. As long as you have a good sleep to allow the brain to fully rest, adjust the normal cell metabolism cycle, and let the hair loss crisis go away, only for the good hair Good for the body.

In daily life, as long as you pay attention to adjusting your work and rest and diet balance, and maintain good internal circulation, you naturally need to worry too much because changing the season will make hair loss worse.

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