Beard Reflects Your Personality

The way you choose to groom sends a message to the world because appearance is an intensely personal form of self expression. So what does your beard says to others?

Facial Hair and Masculinity

Make it simple, if you have the ability to grow a beard, it is a sign of manhood, separating men and boys. Today, a beard is still a powerful sign of masculinity.

Different cultures have taken their own stances on facial hair and masculinity.

Some people believe that shaving off all the beard is a sign of shame and disgrace. A real man should have a thick beard.

Looking other cultures like ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks, a clean shaven can be seen as dignified and respectable. Alexander the Great instructed his troops to shave so enemy can't grab their bears, is often portrayed in various artworks.

Facial Hair and Age

Growing a beard can instantly ages you, which can be a good thing for some of you.

This may make younger man look more mature and experienced for sure, covering up the baby face. On the other hand, older men can have warm and paternal effect.

The perceptions of beards have changed over the years, even when a young with a beard may looks older when comparing to a clean shaven look, but in today's world, beards have become so common that guys doesn't stand out for having a beard.

Facial Hair and Transformation

AI Gore started growing a beard after losing the US presidential race back in 2000. David Letterman grew a beard after retiring from Late Night. These are all examples of how facial hair became a statement of change, showing to the world that they should be approached differently. By redefining your appearance with facial hair, it gives you the power for a change, while you can always reverse it when you don't feel like it anymore.

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