How to look cool with grey hair

Whether it is your age or genetics that gave you all the grey hair today, you are about make all them look cool! (Oh right, please stop dying your hair every month.)

People always associate grey hair with your age but hey, let's play this to your advantage and show this world you are still trendy and cool regardless. So let's own it today! Remember: Nothing shines brighter than the grey except for confidence.

According to DMARGE

Contrary to general belief, silver foxes can still attain that edgy dapper look, given they treat their grey matter with respect.

Quick tips for hairstyling:

  • As grey hair becomes more prominent on a man’s head, the appearance of thinning will also follow suit.

  • Pick the right hairstyle that will accentuate the grey rather than highlight parts of your scalp.

  • If you’re predominantly pale skinned, use a bit of grey coverage product such as gentle foam colours.

  • If you have darker skin, try to limit the grey coverage colour treatments as you’re trying to give the grey a more healthy transitional tone as opposed to looking like Geoffrey Edelsten.

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