Hypelev Levitating Sneaker Display Stand

The Hypelev sneaker stand enables anyone - even you - to defy gravity with a pair of Air Jordans just like Michael.

There is one catch! You can't be wearing them. Hypelev, buying into the levitation hype that's hit the likes of speakers and light bulbs, has created a levitating display stand for your favorite kicks. Well, kick, unless you buy two.

True to its name, the Hypelev stand deems itself some "31st century fly shit" that "gives the user the ability to exhibit sneakers in a manner never seen before."

As with most household object floating displays, the Hypelev uses electromagnetic currents to suspend soles in mid-air. It further accents your chosen shoe with a white LED light bath, and an air hole at the top that creates a constant rotation that moves just slow enough to max out the Hypelev.

Check it out now!

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