Men must learn to dress etiquette in 2020

Dress Code, you may think of participating in the "theme" of a friend's party, such as cartoon characters or movie characters, but next, we are going to talk about Dress Code that is necessary for social occasions and even in the workplace. Undeniably, the Dress Code for men's clothing can be confusing. For example, when you receive an invitation that says Dress Code is Black Tie, and you really only wear a black tie, it is really embarrassing. Learn all the basic Dress Codes and never be afraid to wear the wrong clothes again.

White Tie

Black tuxedo with white shirt, bow tie, vest and bag scarf is the most orthodox White Tie, which is worn by western nobles at very formal evening occasions. The members of the British royal family are most often seen wearing banquets or heads of state, and are rarely seen on general occasions.

Black Tie & Creative Black Tie

Ideal for weddings, private dinners, dances, or celebrities walking on the red carpet. Black Tie refers to a black blazer, trousers, and white shirt with a black bow tie. It is really boring to wear. So the Creative Black Tie evolved later. The colors and accessories were more creative. For example, the colors and materials of blazer can be chosen at will.

Semi-Formal & Business Formal

The most commonly contacted or worn by everyone must be Semi-Formal and Business Formal, which are formal business people. Generally, the dark three-piece suit is the key point to wear, such as a black suit, a suit vest, and a white or light-colored shirt and tie. But the black blazer seems easy to match, but the fact is that it needs a strong aura to dress well, so you can choose a dark gray, crimson or dark blue suit to highlight the charm.

Business Casual & Smart Casual

The style of wearing is very wide, which can be understood as half of the Business Formal-"half suit". One of the requirements is to wear a Suit Jacket, or you can choose a sport coat with a variety of colors and materials. As for shirts and ties, you can match them as you like, and Smart Casual can be paired with jeans for greater freedom.

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