Men's Grooming: The Official Guide

Welcome to the year of 2020, skin care is not the patent of women. If men want to create a better first impression with a dignified appearance, they must also take good care of the skin. Many "straight guys" don't know how to get started, we will use one to introduce the most important skin care procedures, and bring some perfume, hair care and men's beauty treatment recommendations. If you are reading a girl and want to send a set of men's skincare products to your boyfriend or husband as a Christmas gift for 2019, you may wish to use this article as a reference.

1. Men's day skincare

There are many types of men's skin care on the market. Which one should I choose? In fact, in the morning, skin care procedures can be as simple as possible, and the texture should be refreshing. The following types of products are indispensable.

  • Facial Cleanser: First wet the face with warm water to open the pores, and then use the face cleanser to clean the dirt in the pores.

  • Toner: It is used to clean the surface of the skin again and exfoliate slightly. It can also moisturize the skin and make skin care products better absorbed later.

  • Lotion: It has an emollient effect as well as a moisturizing effect, preventing the skin from losing moisture too quickly, and gently locking the skin care ingredients previously applied to the skin.

  • Sunscreen: Not only used to prevent sunburn, but more importantly used to block ultraviolet rays and prevent it from aging the skin.

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2. Men's Evening Skin Care

  • Facial Cleanser: Just use the same one in the morning. But pay attention to the water temperature when washing your face, your cold water's cleaning power will be greatly reduced, and overheated water will hurt the skin.

  • Toner: Use the same toner as in the morning. Or use a thicker toner at night for a better emollient effect.

  • Face Cream: It is more moisturizing than cream and can effectively lock skin moisture at night, avoiding air or cold air to dry the skin.

  • Mask: Cover the entire face when applying the face, the skin surface temperature rises and pores open, so that the skin care ingredients of the mask quickly penetrate into the skin.

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3. Use men's perfume

In addition to the dignified appearance can enhance personal charm, the fragrance can also deepen the impression on others. Before you buy men's fragrances, you can learn how the various perfume types differ in concentration.

  • Eau de Cologne (EDC): Cologne, perfume concentration 2-6%

  • Eau de Toilette (EDT): "Eau de Toilette", perfume concentration 5-15%

  • Eau de Parfum (EDP): "Perfume", 15-20% perfume concentration

  • Pure Perfume (Parfum): "Perfume", 15-40% perfume concentration

4. Men's Hair Care

One of the "most painful things for men" is hair loss. As men get older, they must not take care of their hair care effort. Many men only use shampoo alone, not even conditioner. If you want to prevent hair loss, start habitually using hair conditioner after shampooing.

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5. Barber Shop grooming

In general hair salons, hair stylists may focus on providing sophisticated hair services for women, while Barber Shop focuses exclusively on men. Barber Shop will provide shampooing, cutting, shaving and hair styling services. The most iconic styling is the "oil head" full of British characteristics. In recent years, more and more Barber Shops have been opened in Hong Kong. Men who are accustomed to ordinary hair salons and want to try something new, may wish to go to the "transition" experience.

Here are a quick men's grooming checklist for you:

  • Get a fog-free shower mirror for precision shaving

  • Have a regular barber's appointment

  • Find the right hair products for yourself

  • Hunt for your signature scent

  • Invest in a great toothbrush

  • Get your manscaping done

  • Use a face scrub

  • Get your facial hair under control

  • Treat your toes

  • Get rid of that unibrow

  • Check your nails

  • Use a moisturizer

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