Stop sticking your nose hair out in 2020

What is worst than a bad breath? Yes, having your nose hair out in public. It is just gross.

According to Men'sHealth 2015 survey, they asked over 400 Women's Health readers if they would rather meet a guy with terrible breath or visible tufts of nose hair. 46% women would rather talk to a guy whose mouth smells like a sewer than a guy with a few strays sticking out.

Stop letting nature take its course. While the hairs in your nostrils keep foreign particles from entering your body, visible nose hair is useless. In case it is not obvious, as we get older, our nose hairs only seem to get longer and uglier.

And let's face it, having your nose hairs growing too long is just like salad between the teeth, except your date isn’t going to politely tell you that you have a long nose hair just winding out your nose. The last thing you want is to let that gnarly black hair crawling out.

Are nose hairs needed?

Funny enough, many men think that their nose hair is helpful for smelling, and they’re reluctant to pull hairs to avoid losing their scenting ability. However, this myth is false. Your nose actually smells through the help of small sensory receptors located high inside your nose. Air travels through your nostrils and onto these receptors, which send pointed signals to the brain for analysis. Your brain then interprets these signals as smells.

Does trimming nose hair make it grow faster?

This is a common misconception about body hairs, and it is a big NO. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Just like normal hair, nose hair will eventually grow back and your respiratory system won’t have suffered too much.

The most common way to keep it in check is regular use of a nose hair trimmer. Pinch your nose and twist it to the left, then cut off whatever hair is exposed. Repeat on the right side, and you’re done. Simple and painless. Is it really that hard?

Here is the complete guide as to How to Get Rid of Nose Hair from wikiHow.

The 3 most common ways:

  1. Trimming with Scissors

  2. Trimming with a Nose Hair Trimmer

  3. Plucking with Tweezers (not recommended)

Remember to not pluck nose hairs as it is not hygienic and may lead to undesirable infections. A nose hair trimmer is a fantastic tool that would leave behind a little portion of your hair inside the nostrils to keep the nose protected from any infections or lesions.

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