[Story] Fisherman

Once upon a time there was a fisherman. Yes, many people have heard this story, but it's a simple one time.

One day, his boat carried a rich man who came to the island for vacation. " what do you live on?" the rich asked. " fishing," the fisherman replied. " why don't you buy one more boat?" the rich asked. " and then?" the fisherman asked. " then you can find one more fishing for you and make a little more money." " and then?" One becomes two, two to four, fishing scale, and sell fish. " and then?" the fisherman continued asking. Start a company, raise funds to market, billions of people, it's in the corner. " after billions of people?" the fisherman asked. " then like me, come to this island and live some nice life in my leisure time." " well, am I not already doing this now?" the fisherman said. The message of this story is that life should be so simple. I've heard this story for a long time, and when I used to work, I remember this story and tried to convince myself to live some simple life. However, at that time, there were too many responsibilities and obligations in life, and it was not that you could leave everything away by saying " don't do it. As of today, there are still miles away from big wealth, but you can still choose to make it easier.

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