[Story] Killing your husband

Danny, a student of Yale Law School, decided not to defend Kelly, a black woman, with a case that no lawyer was willing to take over. The case was about Kelly had poisoned her husband, suspected killer. Kelly had already confessed that she had previously poisoned her husband's beer bottle. Kelly also confessed that when her husband was struggling on the ground, she did not try to rescue him, but only looked at her husband with poison and died before calling the police.

As the prosecution lawyer said, Kelly killed her husband. The weapon was not a sharp knife, not a baseball bat, but a poison that could kill someone in a minute. Kelly was not impulsive, but had a premeditated plan. Even defense lawyer Danny did not deny this. Under the laws of that U.S. state at the time, first-degree murder was sentenced to 99 years in prison.

The facts are so simple, but the most fascinating case is the jury. As we all know, the jury is selected by both parties. The prosecution wants the juror, and the defense has the right to veto, and vice versa. At that time, the media reported a lot that indirectly criticized Danny as a stupid law student who was stupid. Kelly is black, and her husband is white; blacks killing whites will necessarily affect the emotions between "races". The more black jurors you choose for Kelly, the better Kelly will definitely be. Even if blacks can't make up the majority, half of them are fine, but the prosecution and defense Danny's twelve-person jury was only two blacks, and the remaining ten were whites.

On the day the two parties concluded their case, the prosecution first summarized the case. "The defendant bought poison on the black market three months before the crime. Then the day before the crime, he filled the poison with beer in the refrigerator and cleverly closed the bottle cap back to the bottle. After fulfilling his wishes, the husband died on the spot. In this way, the husband's property and all property will be owned by the defendant. The "only" black jurors also kept shaking their heads, feeling cold about the defendant's brutal behavior.

It was Danny's turn, his feet were weak, and he tried to stand up with the utmost strength. You are Danny, and you have no actual combat experience, but every word you say after that will determine a person's "life and death."

"The prosecution portrayed my client as a true devil. Now, let me tell you where the real devil is. But before you begin, please give me some time to talk to you." Danny said he hadn't left the jury. "Many people in the media have commented that if the entire jury is black, my client's odds will be several times higher than it is now. Therefore, many people are wondering why, when I chose you, I had a good opinion on the prosecution. White people, that is, ten of you here, did not say no. Yes, ten white people and two black people, I did not say no at all, because I chose each of you for a common reason behind them. " The jurors were puzzled.

"Moth is not a jury. Even the prosecution lawyer can't think of why every white juror he chooses, I am willing to accept one by one." Danny shifted his eyes from the jury to the prosecution lawyer. . "Of course, I pray to God every day. I hope the huge team behind the prosecution lawyer can't guess why I chose you." The prosecution lawyer's appearance is as confused as the jury, and the prosecution's assistant is even more up Blushing.

"What do you have in common behind each of you? Yes, just like my client Kelly, you have been married for nine years or more." Danny put his eyes back on the jury. "Just because you have been married for more than nine years, you can imagine what if you are in the nine-year marriage, your other half will have the greatest pleasure of returning home every day, not sitting in the dining room with you, It's going to the kitchen and picking up all the kitchenware that he thinks are "useful" to hurt you, to make you bleed, to make you look disfigured, what a married life like this would be like. "Seeing the jury In response, Danny's confidence came.

"As a woman only five feet four inches tall, how can you parry this six foot two inches tall beast? Have you thought about what tools are your best self-defense weapons? Have you thought about it, What can you do to get rid of this devil's clutch? Of course you haven't thought about it, because you don't have to think about it, because your other half is a normal person, one who understands, is reasonable, loves you, wouldn’t a normal person who resorts to violence will prove his strength." Danny saw the second juror in the back row flush with red eyes and continued.

"What's worse? Let me tell you. My client's husband is no longer satisfied with ordinary punches and kicks, so one night, when he went home, the first thing he did was to set the oven to the highest temperature, instead of making making dinner for my client, he put my client's hand on the oven for fifteen seconds. "After that, Danny took the defendant's hands and let the jury see the scar on the defendant's hand clearly, and Count from one to fifteen. "What happened after fifteen seconds? My client passed out."

Danny said all the way, catalyzing the tear line of the jury. At the last minute, he lowered his voice and said, "I beg you, the jurors, to convict my client, and the murder is not convicted. In this way, you can go home and tell your spouse. In the face of justice, you have made a correct decision today. The first-degree murder will be sentenced to ninety-nine years. My client, who has been sentenced torture by her husband for nine years, is difficult enough. Do you think this woman still deserve another ninety years in prison? "

Danny finished speaking, and slowly sat down, finding that there were tears, besides a few jurors, and His Excellency the judge.

The feeling of "epileptic" because we have been accused, bullied, betrayed, or more. Academically, we have done it, in the eyes of others, some irrational behavior, including crying, holding hands, beating people, running away from home, etc.

People think you are irrational, because they cannot feel your "pain".

You think it's painful to be accused, others think it's a trivial matter;

You think it's painful to be bullied, others think it's a necessary stage of your life;

You think it is painful without democracy, others think that democracy cannot be eaten.

Some people say that even crying, self-destruction, beating people, and running away from home are irrational behaviors, at least not destroying public property. We are all attention seekers.

Violence is absolutely unreasonable, and even more illegal, no room for debate; but whether it is reasonable cannot be determined by superficial behavior.

Moreover, in a place that emphasizes the rule of law, there is a big difference between "illegal" and "guilty."

Someone once asked a defendant lawyer who had filed a lawsuit to reach one billion net worth: "Boss, please understand that all the people you have defended are all guilty, can you win at night?"

The defendant lawyer said: "The best part of the rule of law is everyone is innocent, until you are proven guilty."

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