Things men should do after sex

Many women have a feeling of loneliness after having sex, and it can't be regarded as unhappy sex, but just to say that making love feels good and worse.

Look at Anna's case. She is 33 years old. She is a civil servant, early in marriage, and her husband is as sweet as honey and having high sex. However, about two years after marriage, Anna begins to discover that she is increasingly unable to feel sexual life. Give her satisfaction and pleasure, and even wonder if her husband does not love her. Later, she gradually began to hate sex life. Her husband said, "This are really just doing the routine job."

Cases like Anna are actually not a small number in our center, making Anna no longer happy. The biggest difference is that the husband used to hug and sleep after having sex, but now he falls asleep; Help to clean the lower body, now it is self-cleaning ... These all make women feel super uncomfortable. Even after sex, the whole feeling of being "used".

Therefore, men, if you want a female companion to continue to be intimate with you, these 6 points must be remembered.

1. Kiss after having sex is important

For many men, having sex is easy, but it is a bit difficult to keep your head small and continue to release your desire for love, and kissing is the best, soft, flexible, and loving manifestation.

2. After having sex, a man should pour a glass of water

Sometimes women will boldly cheer on men with moans during sex. Finally, if a man can squeeze out and scream, he will give his partner a gentle, pour glass of water to moisturize his partner's throat. The other half will feel that you really love her, and even willing to offer you the next preparation for sex.

3. A man should always clean his parter's body after having sex

After having sex, some fluids of love will inevitably remain on the body. If the man is careful, he will prepare some tissues or toilet paper for you, or wipe the female partner lying in bed with warm water, which is very important in the afterplay. Extra points.

4. After having sex, does the man fall asleep when he falls down, or leans over to hold you to sleep?

In addition to kissing a man who loves you, he also wants to sleep on his parter's pillow. The breath on his partner's body is the best aphrodisiac for him to dream.

5. After having sex, a man take care of other half before falling asleep himself

After having sex, even if both of them are exhausted, a man should make sure to to cater for other's feelings and accompany to sleep.

6. A man should care about both parties' feelings after having sex

The man should ask you how the other partner feels afterwards, showing care to see whether the other half is comfortable or satisfied during the sex, or hope to use some skills to help each other reach orgasm.

Do you love your partner? Woman definitely understands that the number of sex does not represent the quality of love, love is the most obvious manifestation of temperature in sex. Dear man, to make women enjoy sex, it is necessary to learn skills and posture, but don't forget that love is the ultimate igniter.

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