Top men hairstyles in 2020

2020 is coming soon, it may be a good time for a new hairstyle! Here are some options that will make heads turn for the new year.

Hairstyles for men can vary based in your own work setting, if you should be rocking among those professional hairstyles that are easy, however you may not whimper ! From moderate and long fashions to cuts, let's go right in!

Military Haircut

There are different types of military haircuts, but the universal one will be just right this year. With a clean, extremely short style that give it more a soldier looking presentation to the crowd.

The near-zero length definition can be simple but also meaningful, which fits for both blue and white collar employees.

Instagram: rfitchett_

Faux Hawk Haircut

This haircut is nothing but a less dramatic version of the standard Mohawk haircut.

The key here is to have a clean details to make this cut looks nice. (This one might be hard for a normal person to carry it.)

Instagram: ryancullenhair

Fade Haircut

Fade haircuts give your many different options for a clear touch, from high to low fades, you can choose how much hair to leave on the center top. Some people might even keep this part as a pony or pull it back to the neck to create a mohawk looking style.

Depending on what you want the middle part of your head to look like, you can add texture (with a pomade or putty) to longer storage, or even flatten it back to transform it to look like popular men’s haircuts.

If you want to keep a beard, the crossfade can be kept low, giving you a sharp demarcation with where the beard begins.

A comb-over style can also be made by keeping the hair in the middle longer, which are very trendy within these couple of years.

Instagram: javi_thebarber_

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