Want a more layered hairstyle? Learn these 4 hair styling tips

Men's hairstyles are not easy to handle, but gelling your hair every single day is a must-do! I want to create a fluffy, layered hairstyle, but sometimes even styling my hair for a good half an hour, everything just falls apart after an hour! If you want to maintain enough fluffy and layered hairstyle, you can easily do it with Styling Powder or Texture Powder! What is the purpose of styling hair powder? How to use it? Are there any Styling Powder or Texture Powder recommendations?

Uses of styling powder

Generally speaking, styling powder or texture powder have the same thing in common, that is, dry powder, and it is a very light powder when poured out. It can quickly make hair thicker and more fluffy when used directly on dry hair. The amount of hair looks more, which will be more convenient for subsequent styling.

Another benefit is that it can absorb the fat of the hair, and even has a little dry shampoo effect, which can help you maintain a dry and fluffy feeling, and get a matte feel, looks lighter, and it is best to deal with Hong Kong's humid weather! The last good thing is that it will not condense, allowing you to repeat the shape, making your shape more flexible!

How to use styling powder

Sprinkle the styling powder directly on the hair, and gently spread it with your hands, so that the styling powder can evenly adhere to the hair, so that the hair can easily get a more fluffy effect. Of course you just want to get natural fluffy effect, you can use it alone; more and more effective usage is to use hair mud or hair wax to style later, make the hairstyle more layered and enhance the effect!

The hairstyles suitable for styling powder are mainly for short to medium length hairstyles, both Crops and Messy Quiffs are suitable; if your hair is relatively thin, using styling powder can have a very obvious fluffy effect.

Styling hair powder washing method

Because the styling powder is too thin and light, you should pay more attention to washing. In addition to washing your hair thoroughly every day, you can use products such as Degreaser to help remove heavy styling products before washing your hair. After washing, use shampoo for deep cleaning!

Reuzel Matte Texture Powder

Many friends who have played with the shape of oil heads must have bought the "Piglet" Reuzel styling products, and the "Piglet" Reuzel has now added styling powder products, very fine powder without added flavor, suitable Men who don't want to be too fragrant, can easily create a natural layering feeling with their hands!

Uppercut Styling Powder

Uppercut Styling Powder, the latest styling product of Australian-based Uppercut Deluxe, can make hair lighter and more fluffy and bring natural hair brightness.

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