What should a man do after arguing with your friend

Sometimes we argue with friends over a very minor things, maybe because of some misunderstanding, or we started to have fun. At this time, we will be very sad, very sad, think it is not our fault, but it ’s because of our face, I don’t want to apologise to a friend first, the results lead to deeper misunderstandings. What should we do when we encounter this situation?

1. It ’s your own fault, it ’s your own misunderstanding, or your words and actions hurt your friends

Don't hesitate, don't struggle, and sincerely apologize to your friends, say your mistakes, and apologize to them. Trusting a friend will forgive, and the friendship between the two will deepen, preventing the loss of a friend due to a small misunderstanding.

2. It is the other party ’s fault, and the other party does not automatically negotiate with you

In this situation, we will all be sad and anxious, on the one hand because we don't want to lose this friend, and on the other hand, we are angry that the other party won't come to say sorry to ourselves. In this situation, you can send a text message to your friend in a sincere manner, implicitly clarify your own heart, say that you should not be so excited, and say your little mistake first, then the friend will realize that his mistake How old he may be, she will definitely reply to your text message and apologize to you, so the problem will be dealt with.

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