What should a man do after getting fired in 2020

"Sean, we’ve decided to let you go. Today is your last day...." Thought it was a breakup episode? In fact, this happens in workplace everyday. "Why me?" I shouted in my heart, "Second chance?" Hold the boss' hands forward and said in tears, "Please! I need this job to support my family."

The boss's mind is just like pouring water, once a decision has been made, there is no going back. Being fired in the company is a big psychological shock for the wage earners. These are the 4 steps a man should do in 2020, how to face adversity and subsequent treatment.

Step 1: Accept the facts and ask if you can resign yourself.

The boss doesn't say goodbye to you. Should I forbear tears and pretend to be strong? "Don't be depressed, play nothing, talk directly to the boss about his worries." After receiving the news, remember the most important thing is to feed back and understand the reason for his layoffs. Later, if the employee has passed the probation period and was fired with a one-month notice period after negotiation, she suggested that if the party has a good relationship with the boss, they can try to agree with the boss whether they can apply for resignation. , So that the reason why I can explain on the job certification documents is "employee resignation" rather than "dismissed by the company." "Because you will have a reference check when you are working (new company), you will be asked about the reason for your resignation. Therefore, it ’s best to talk to your boss about how to explain it at that time. For example, if you are not good at dealing with the deadline, but have a good relationship with the customer; you can also discuss with your boss and write the things you did well on the reference letter, which can be shown when you see the next working hour Former employers also appreciate you. "

Step 2: Emotional control is good. Don't do drama queen

No one will be happy if you are irritated, but how to deal with negative emotions at this time is very important. Some people may say, "It ’s the boss ’s bulletin for personal vengeance and fired me, so unfair, how can I swallow it." That ’s right. Turning over the stage, speaking swearing, or immediately venting your bad feelings, remember these sensational stories are easy It became the topic of other people's after-meal. "The peers are really thin and can easily be returned in the Facebook secret." this will not only make a bad impression in the industry, but even affect future work meetings. "If I'm the owner of another company, I don't want to invite you back to this" negative energy bomb. "Then don't let it vent in the room, and" threatening "with colleagues is always okay? No! "It's very dangerous to vent your emotions in the company. Let it be told to the housing company. Never tell your colleagues or teammates, because you can't control the mouth of others." there were once in the four major accounting firms The employee who resigned due to disagreement with the boss, although he did not explain the reason in front of the boss, but who knows that the news finally came back to the boss's ears, making it difficult for the employee to gain a foothold in the industry in the future.

In addition, during the transition period, she understands that the client will inevitably go to work frowning, but she must also make arrangements for the transfer and explain the situation to the client. touch / I hope to have a chance to cooperate in the future! ", if the other party asks where they are going in the future, they can reply:" There is no plan yet. I might take a trip and take a break. I still want to develop in this industry. " Meet, so the parties shouldn't act negatively, such as obstructing a colleague's work or slandering a supervisor. For example, she pointed out that a colleague who had had a case was laid off because of a reduction in the company's manpower. After receiving the news, she refused to communicate with her colleagues and even refused to attend the farewell lunch. "Actually, colleagues want to express concern and expect a smooth transfer of work, and your anger should not be directed at colleagues. Such performance makes everyone feel that your ability to resist adversity is poor, and it also undermines the long-term relationship that everyone has built." It means that if the emotion is handled well, there may be contacts between colleagues, which can help you to reach other job opportunities in the industry.

Step 3: Give yourself time to settle

In order to avoid the recurrence of tragedy, post-event review should be done during the calm period. "Review objectively whether you have done your best? If the answer is" yes ", is it the wrong method or the wrong direction? For example: your boss wants you to go north, and it is useless to go all out to go east." She Continued, if the parties feel that they are doing their best and are on the right track, they should consider whether they have encountered a mismatch in the workplace. For example, a creative person is doing admin work, or the company is asking too much to do it alone. Two people work.

"A lot of people think that people are so ashamed to be fooled, so they stay in the housing company to bury themselves, but that will easily turn horny."

You should talk to their friends more, especially if they were fired because of the restructuring of the company. People need psychological support even more. She also pointed out that depending on her financial situation, she should decide whether to travel or not, but should pay attention to the industry recruitment season in advance. Calm time is needed, but she reminded that the empty window period should not be too long, because when more than 3 months to half a year, HR will start to question whether you "naked resignation", so it is recommended not to be out of touch with the industry during the break, you can do volunteer work, Or participate in work-related meetings.

Step 4: Go back to the workplace and apply for the same position.

Some people have been fired, but there will be some shadows, but when returning to the workplace, you should be less confident in the original position and should not apply for a lower level position. "HR will feel that you are not confident enough, or assume that you do a lower level because you do not want to work so hard, and then question whether you will do your best after hiring you." In terms of salary, she said that she should not reduce it and fill in the old Salary, or 10% higher. When asked about the reasons for his resignation during the interview, if he was fired because of the company's reduction in staffing, he should be frank. "Peers receive news and even news reports in minutes. If you talk loudly, it shows that you have a problem with integrity." However, if the wage earners are fired, you can use the reason of "want to find greater challenges". Come and explain. Don't worry too much that HR will know that you are "resigned" because the general reference check is the last process of the application. "Unless he is familiar with your former boss, it will generally not make you so difficult."

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