What skin type are you?

Don’t worry about one skin type being better or less problematic than another. The post is not meant to change your skin, rather to bring you more knowledge for you to know which type of skin you belong, and take good care of them.

Most guys fall into one of these three major categories:

  • Normal Skin -- Not too oily, not too dry. Just right. You experience light acne from time to time but it clears up without trouble.

  • Oily Skin -- Big pores, lots of shine. Your body produces too much oil all by itself. Acne can be a major problem and you break out often.

  • Dry Skin -- Flakey, dry, and tight. Your skin always feels dehydrated and stretched out too thin.

Other Skin Types Beyond these basic types, you may fit into a specialised skin type, such as:

  • Combination Skin -- Dry, but also oily… kinda. Your cheeks seem to fit into the dry skin category but your T-zone – your nose and forehead – tend to be oily.

  • Sensitive Skin -- Many soaps and moisturizers bother your skin. Sun exposure and even face washing can lead to redness, itchiness, and other irritation.

  • Aged Skin -- Your skin is starting to show clear signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines. You notice that your skin is looser and less bright than before.

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